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Shipping and Packaging

Please ship with adequate packing material to protect the module. (We find that a double layer of bubble wrap will do the trick.) All orders include USPS Express Shipping back to you. This usually takes 2 days.

Overnight shipping is available for an added $100.00. Please notify us if overnight is required when placing the order.

Be sure to include an order form with the module.

Download Order Form

If shipping via FedEx or UPS, ship to:

ClearCom Technologies, Inc.
45 North 200 West
Kanosh, UT 84637

If shipping via the post office:

ClearCom Technologies, Inc.
PO Box 307
Kanosh, UT 84637

NOTICE: It has come to our attention that our physical address is not in the national address data base that UPS and FedEx uses. If your shipping carrier doesn't show the above address as in existence, don't despair. USPS , United States Postal Service, has been managing the national address data base since 9/11. Kanosh, Utah is a very rural location and USPS only has Post Office boxes here and therefore doesn't list a physical address for us. Other carriers have been delivering to this physical address for 20+ years. We receive packages from UPS and FedEx nearly everyday. We will receive yours.