Your lower cost solution to a high cost problem.

"Steve, I cannot thank you enough. I received the keys and the TWICE. I am having my friend install today. I will let you know as I am sure everything will be just fine. You saved me $1000+ and you were so honest."

"My wife and I bought our Saab 9-5 about a year ago. The seller only had one set of keys, and yep we lost em!!! The dealer wanted a ridiculous amount of money for a new set and I found lostsaabkeys.com. I asked around to different auto mechanics and the Saab dealer, and they all said be careful using the internet to have keys made, programmed, and shipped. I was very skeptical of lostsaabkeys.com at first, but after verifying they are a registered company under the name ClearCom Technologies, back their work with a guarantee, and are very pleasant and professional to deal with over the phone, I decided to give them a shot. We sent the twice unit out (very easy to remove from the vehicle) and hoped this was all legit. The unit came back a few days later, keys and all!!!!! The directions are very clear for reinstalling the unit. Once again I was hoping I hadn't wasted my money. The car fired right up on the first turn, all the buttons on the remote key head worked great!!!!! I tried the backup keys and the same result!!! I am so happy we used lostsaabkeys.com!!!!! As an International Airline Pilot, I am very meticulous when it comes to details. I did my research about ClearCom Technologies, and am more than pleased with their service. Please don't be afraid to use this service if you have lost your Saab keys. The dealer made it more than frustrating as they wanted the vehicle towed to their lot, and then charge me more than triple what lostsaabkeys.com charged. Thank you again, I recommend your service to anyone in the frustrating position of being without your Saab!!!"

"I received and installed the module on Saturday. The install took about 15 minutes. Everything works perfectly, and your service saved me $1500 or more (including the locksmith to let me in the car) over what the local Saab dealer would have charged. You prevented this car from a trip to the wrecking yard. Although it only has 31,000 miles and is in perfect condition otherwise, it is only worth $5000, and it would not have made sense to lay out $2200-2500 for the dealer repair. Thanks again – your service was exactly what you advertised, your removal/install procedures were clear and better than reading a Haynes manual. I would recommend your service to anyone."

"I was swimming in the ocean with my Saab key. Turned into a Saab story because the key would not work in my car after that. I called Saab and anyone who would listen basically told me I was screwed until I spoke with Roger at ClearCom. I called and left a message. He called back and solved my problem instantly. I have never dealt with such a pro. He saved me over 500.00 dollars. I highly recommend him and owe Roger a beer or two. Thanks a lot."

"We got the TWICE unit back, installed and drove the car in about 30 minutes. Thank you so much. It was great not to hassle with any additional fixes that I read so much about on the internet stories. Truly plug and drive. Instruction video was also very helpful."

"Long story short, put the key in the door, worked. Put the key in the ignition & the car started right up, Roger was 100% right & we saved well over $1,000.00. I am very pleased that I found these people & to deal with honest people."

"You're a genius. It worked. Thanks for saving my son over a thousand dollars and a summer of extra work to pay for it. The dealer is programing a new, back up, key from the key fob you made for us. Amazing. Thanks again."
D Fairleigh

"Thanks for all your help in resurrecting my son's 9-3 in New Orleans. Once I got the ignition ring on, it cranked right up, after sitting two months under an overpass, and being bombarded with about 5 pounds of pigeon poop. Thanks again."

"Thank you for your service. It was like a breath of fresh air when I put everything together and started my car. Thank you once again for everything you've done and a special thank you for a very reasonable price. Thanks a lot."

"Thank you for your quick turn-around on my key replaced and the CIM module re-programed . Your service and support is outstanding. Everything you have stated on your web-site is 100% on the money. The Dealer wanted $1,500.00, plus the tow to the dealership to do the job. With your help I did it myself, right in my driveway! Thanks!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I was with your service. First, your idea is genius and I am so grateful to have found you. If I might refer to anyone or review you, please let me know. Your service saved me at least $1,000.00 and it was such a pleasure to support a little guy with a great idea that helps end a little corporate greed. My new key is so much better than the old ones I had.... A million thanks, elated to have my car back...it took me 3 weeks to accept that I could really replace the alarm and, of course, to accept my keys were really gone and going to cost how much!?! I hope I never have to work with you again, but I am so happy to have had your help!"

"Thank you for all of your help with the Saab. It was helpful."
Tony and the AutoWorks Team

"The install went easy and the car started right up. You are a life saver and I can not thank you enough."

"My husband is THRILLED!!!! It arrived promptly and he got it started right away. This car has been sitting in my driveway for 5 months now not working so I'm thrilled too. Thanks and thanks too for your fast shipping."

"Key came today, and yes it works great! We are good to go with it. Thanks."

"Everything worked fantastically, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the service. You will be hearing from me again in the future regarding a few more keys. Thanks for everything."

"You are my new best friend. The module came yesterday, this morning I just plugged it in and immediately the remote buttons worked. The key turned in both the doors and ignition and then the sweet sound of my Saab coming back to life. Thank you so much, you have saved me quite a bit from the dealers price. If anyone ever asks you for a reference on your services you may give them my e-mail. Thank you again, I'm going for a drive."

"It appears everything is good. The unit is installed and the car is running. Thank you for all of your help your service seems to be a godsend for any Saab owner missing their keys. We will definitely use your services again should we encounter the same situation. Thank you."
Swedish Motors